Do Not Take This Piece of Small Business Marketing Advice

What I’m going to share with you in this short article is a blunder I made that can SAVE YOU a ton of money on advertising that doesn’t do a darn thing to grow your bottom line.In fact, if you do any kind of consistent small business marketing, then what happened to me will more than likely happen to you.Let me set the stage for you:So I’m knee deep in launching a business in an unusual (and awesome) niche. And as part of this launch, I am advertising in three places.The first place is pulling in leads like nobody’s business.The second place is an utter bomb.And the third place is working okay.This is typical for a marketing campaign. But I decided to email the rep who sold me advertising in the second place to tell her that her publication had not sent me a single lead.Want to know what she said to me?I quote:”To address your question, the September issue just arrived in subscribers’ hands…. so you need to give it some time to measure any tangible results… continuity and frequency are all important with print advertising and results.”What’s interesting is that my ad had been read by subscribers for three weeks which is more than enough time for a good direct response ad to work. And I know this ad was good because like I said it was working well in two other places.But here’s the bigger point:This rep is trying to explain the poor performance I got from her publication by telling me I need to advertise more before I get a few leads.This is NOT true.And in fact it’s advice that will put you in the poor house.Direct response marketing (aka DRM) is designed to elicit results as soon as your marketing runs so there is no need to wait for results.And if you get zippo results then it means one of three things:Either your small business marketing piece is no good.Or your market does not want what you are selling.Or the place you are advertising is wrong.In my case, I know this publication is wrong for me since my advertising is working in two other places.So the message is to be careful (very careful) when you advertise.It’s a jungle out there saturated with sales reps that are more focused on getting your money versus trying to help you grow your business.What do I suggest you do?1. Track your results like a momma bear watching her cub.2. If you don’t get immediate results then drop the ad or drop the advertising media.3. Test your ad somewhere else (less costly) before rolling it out in an expensive publication.